Confused in Love Two (Part 9)

By: Akhi Ryu Go

Unpleasant Goodbyes

It's already 10 in the evening. I'm sitting in one of the benches at the park. Medyo tumatama na yung beer na iniinom ko. Bilang na bilang nalang ang tao sa paligid at puro pa couples. 30 minutes later, mag isa nalang talaga ako. I have finished the bottles of beer that I have bought earlier. Gusto ko pa sana uminom but there wasn't any open stores nearby. As I was sitting there alone, tired of crying I gazed upon the stars and thought that it was so beautiful.

Then I remember, it would've been nice kung kasama ko si Gab ngayon so I sighed and then I spoke

Akhi: Hey me... Don't be so depressed. There's a lot of people in the world going through the same thing. No need to feel so lonely... *sigh*

Then I just bowed my head because I wasn't ready to go home. I intend to wait until it's midnight. Then may nagsalita sa likod ko.

Mystery guy: It's a bit late now don't you think? Bakit nasa labas ka pa?

Then I turned to see Gab standing right behind me holding a bouquet of roses. Then quickly I stood up and turned to him feeling so surprised.

Akhi: Gab? What are you doing here?

Gab: Hey, you know what day it is today right?

Akhi: Of course I do! But how did you know where I was?

Gab: I called Harold and asked him where you were. At sabi nya, andito ka. Probably crying and all alone.

Then I started crying again in front of him. He then looked at me bashfully and flashed that handsome smile. Lumapit sya sa tabi ko and he handed the bouquet of flowers to me and said

Gab: Happy Anniversary!

Pagkatanggap na pagka tanggap ko ng flowers niyakap ko sya ng mahigpit na mahigpit then I was sobbing.

Gab: There there Akhi, stop crying.

Then he rubbed my back to comfort me. We remained in that position for a very long while then he spoke

Gab: Oh ano? Haha ganito nalang ba tayo buong gabi?

Akhi: Gab the day is almost over. You're a bit late you know.

Gab: *checking his watch* Hey, it's still 11 in the evening. We still have an hour.

Then I looked at him and he gives me that smile that I adore so much.

Gab: what do you say? Let's take a walk.

I just nodded in agreement and then we started walking around the park slowly and holding each others hand. Pasulyap sulyap sa isa't isa. Smiling briefly then bumping our shoulders like were kids.

Akhi: You know I didn't really expect na makakasama kita ngayong araw. Akala ko matatapos ang araw na ito na di man lang kita makikita.

Gab: You think I'd ever forget our anniversary? Haha I would never. Kase alam ko mag lulupasay ka sa paghahanap sakin at mag ngangawang parang batang naagawan ng candy and then you might jump off a cliff.

Akhi: Haha you really sure about that?

Gab: Well, the crying part was true, so I guess I am 50% accurate.

Akhi: Gab I could be doing that, but I was thinking how depressed you'll be if I'm gone. You might go crazy tapos ilagay ka nila sa isang mental institution. Alam mo na, concerned lang ako sa'yo.

Gab: Hahaha you got me! I might really go crazy if that happens.

Tapos natahimik kami pareho still walking.

Akhi: Hey Gab...

Gab: What is it Akhi?

Akhi: I wonder when we're gonna be together again for good? I mean, like you said parang pilit tayong pinaglalayo.

Then biglang nag iba ang mukha ni Gab. Bigla syang nalungkot.

Akhi: Gab? Did I say something wrong?

Gab: *Startled* ahm, no! Hehehe

Then I moved closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder tapos inakbayan naman nya ako and he kissed me in the forehead.

The hour is almost up. Were once again seated in one of the benches. Naka akbay sya sakin at ako naman ay naka sandal sa kanya. Parang ang bilis ng oras. Ayaw ko na sanang matapos ang mga sandaling iyon. I feel safe in his arms. I feel so loved and in love. Then he let out a long sigh.

Akhi: What is it Gab?

Gab: I love you so much, Akhi...

Akhi: Me too Gab. I love you with all my heart.

Gab: *sigh* you should always take care of yourself. Don't go home alone without Harold or Rocel or any of our friends. Wag mo pababayaan ang sarili mo. Kumain ka ng maayos, wag ka magpupuyat masyado and above all that, always remember that I love you and you're the only one that I've ever loved like this in my entire life.

Then I sat straight and face him

Gab: This maybe the last time that we're gonna be together like this.

Akhi: Gab, why are you talking like that? You're making me worry.

Gab: *Sigh*

Akhi: Gab, Don't be like this... please tell me.

Gab: Audrey got pregnant.

As I've heard the news, nanlumo ako. Parang namanhid ang buong katawan ko. Nakatingin lang ako sa kanya not able to respond or do anything. Then he turned to face me.

Gab: You see, may nangyari samin ni Audrey. I wasn't expecting this but it happened. May nabuo sa sinapupunan nya.

Then once again I'm in tears and agony. He started crying too. His voice getting hoarse.

Gab: Hey Akhi don't cry like that please...

Akhi: How could you ask that of me? What you said just now, do you think that's easy to swallow?

Gab: I know... pero hindi ko alam kung paano ko pa sasabihin sa'yo nang hindi ka masasaktan.

He wiped my tears as he was talking then I held his hand that's still on my cheeks and squeezed it as I cried even more.

Akhi: Gab, hindi ko kayang mawala ka.

He held my face and he leaned closer still crying

Gab: I'm sorry Akhi... but this matter is different. I have to be responsible even if it's killing me.

I shut my eyes tightly crying and feeling the pain rein on me. After a very long while I calmed down.

Akhi: So I guess this is it, it's goodbye forever.

He didn't say any word and he just pulled me in an embrace and whispered...

Gab: I love you so much Akhi... Don't you forget that.

then he kissed me on the lips.

bumitaw na sya sa pagkakayakap at tumayo. I was still sitting there tulala at di parin makapaniwala na ito na ang huli. He then started walking away from me and as he did, he was crying and sobbing so loud. That also made me cry out loud. I wanted to follow him but my feet won't move... seeing him on his back, walking away from me and crying like that hurts me even more... From a distance there Audrey was observing us then she whispered to herself

Audrey: I'm sorry Gab and Akhi pero kailangan ko munang unahin ang kapakanan ko. I have my own reasons for being like this. We're all victims here. I just hope Akhi that you find someone else who could love you just like Gab does. We live in a selfish world and only the strongest will prevail and the weak will suffer.

Then she also left to go back to their apartment bago pa sya maunahan ni Gab.

*At our apartment*

Harold stayed up late to wait for me at si Rocel ay kauuwi lang galing sa gig. It was almost 3 am and I still wasn't home.

Rocel: Nag aalala na ako. Sigurado ka bang magkasama sila ni Gab?

Harold: Oo sigurado ako jan.

maya maya pa, I opened the front door and they saw me, looking so wasted and haggard, namumugto ang mga mata at magulo ang buhok.

Rocel: My god Akhi! What happened to you?

Lumapit sya sakin and then I colapsed in her arms.

Rocel: Harold! tulungan mo ko! Si Akhi!

dali daling lumapit samin si Harold at binuhat ako papunta sa kwarto at nakasunod naman si Rocel.

Rocel: Kumuha ka ng bimpo at batyang may tubig Harold bilis!

Harold: Sige sandali!

Rocel: My god Akhi what have you been doing?

Pagbalik ni Harold dala dala nya ang batya at bimpo. Pinunasan ni Rocel ang aking mukha at katawan.

Rocel: Tulungan mo kong buhatin sya para mabihisan ko.

Tumalima naman si Harold at binihisan ako ni Rocel.

Matapos non iniwan na nila ako sa kwarto at lumabas papunta sa sala para mag usap.

Rocel: You said kasama nya si Gab? I doubt ganyan ang magiging sitwasyon nya if they were together.

Harold: Hey! I don't know for sure okay? All I know is tumawag sakin si Gab at itinanong kung nasan si Akhi then he told me that he was going to meet him.

Rocel: What could've happened that made Akhi like this?

Harold: Hindi kaya dahil kay Audrey?

Rocel: That could be possible. I guess I'm gonna get some answers from Gab.

Then she took her phone out to call Gab

*riiiinng* *riiiingg*

Gab picked up but didn't speak

Rocel: Hoy Francisco Gabriel Martinez! Anu tong nangyayari kay Akhi ha?! Bakit umuwi ng lasing na lasing 'to?

Then Gab hung up.

Rocel: Aba?! Binabaan ako ng telepono!

Harold: Obviously something went wrong.

Rocel: Bukas na bukas Cherry is gonna hear about this.

It's already 10 in the evening. I'm sitting in one of the benches at the park. Medyo tumatama na yung beer na iniinom ko.

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