Confused in Love Four (Part 2)

By: Akhi Ryu Go

Awkward Situation

Feeling so awful, I just stood there at the back of our house looking blankly into space and trying to calm myself down. Maya maya pa, Rocel came out of the door and joined me. She crossed her arms and stood beside me.

Rocel: Hmmm... I know how you're feeling.

I don't know but when Rocel said that, I somehow felt like laughing genuinely because she was caught off guard. What she wanted to do was to comfort me but instead she didn't realize that she was confessing to me indirectly.

Akhi: You really have a way to cheer me up don't you?

Rocel: That quick? Did I see it wrong? I guess you're not upset after all.

Akhi: I am upset, but did you realize that by saying you know how I feel is that you're actually admitting you have feelings for Harold? I mean duh, same situation for both of us. Grace is here, Sarah is here and their both with the men we love. You're empathetic.

Rocel: Damn it!

Akhi: Hahaha now you're exposed. But it's not like it isn't obvious. *sigh*

Nalungkot nanaman ako.

Rocel: Well okay. I do have feelings for him. All the more reason that we should stick together right now because we are in the same page.

Akhi: You know I really feel so angry, I wanted to be rude to Sarah but I just couldn't. She's just too sweet and too soft.

Rocel: ugh, have you seen Grace? She's so bubbly, it's like "angry" Isn't in her vocabulary. She's Optimistic and spontaneous. How could you treat such a person with disgust?

Akhi: Yeah I know. It's like being caged. When you can do something but actually can't do something about it.

We both sighed and looked down.

Rocel: But you know, we prepared and planned for this party so we should at least get some fun out of it.

Akhi: Hmmm... *sigh* so what do you have in mind?

Rocel: Well since I'm good at singing cause I am a singer, why don't we just go and sing in the karaoke?

Akhi: Well I'm down.

Rocel: Great let's go. There's no use moping.

We went back inside and ignored everyone else because their too busy talking and eating anyway. She turned on the TV and the magic sing and we chose a duet song titled "When I Said Goodbye" By Steps and as soon as we started singing, the house fell silent. Everyone stared in awe. As we finished our song...

Grace: Wow! You guys are good!

Harold: I didn't know that Akhi is a really great singer!

Sarah: The two of you sounded really awesome!

Mackhoy: Akhi, you never told me you have that kind of talent. Nakaka in love!

Akhi: Oh come on you guys it wasn't that much.

Audrey: Oh, being modest are we? Ang galing mo kaya? Girl you slayed it!

Akhi: Well thanks everyone.

I looked at Gab and he was looking back at me. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun sya makatingin. It's as if he wants to say something but he's holding it back.

Before it could ever get awkward I looked away and asked everyone else.

Akhi: So would you like to try guys?

Lumapit sakin si Harold at inakbayan ako.

Harold: Well we may, but after another song. Sing for us one more time.

Akhi: Oh okay. How could I say no when you're trying to seduce me like that?

Harold: Hahaha okay okay. Grace just pretend you didn't hear that.

Grace: If it is Akhi, I don't mind Harold haha.

I chose the next song carefully and in my mind I dedicate it to Gab but I also thought of Rocel. I know she'd want to sing another song for Harold too so I chose another duet titled "Lost Then Found" By Leona Lewis feat. One Republic. While the song was playing and we were singing, Gab just stared at me the whole time and Harold was staring at Rocel. As we finished our song everyone applauded and we bowed as if it was a stage performance. I looked at Gab and he was still staring at me so I spoke...

Akhi: Well anyway guys thanks for being here and we should sing the birthday boy, a birthday song.

🎤happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you🎤

After the song I took a deep breath and greeted him.

Akhi: Happy Birthday Gab.

We stared at each other for a long time. Then he looked away and he didn't even respond and continued eating and Sarah noticed that. Nasaktan nanaman ako. He looked angry as he looked away. It is as if he doesn't appreciate my effort. Rocel whispered to me

Rocel: It's okay Akhi.

Akhi: I think I need a drink.

Rocel: Same here. So simulan na natin ang inuman since we've both lost our appetite.


In Lyssa and Celine's Restaurant

Celine nudged Lyssa who's staring blankly into space.

Celine: Hui! Eto bayad daw ng customer! Kanina ka pa tulala jan!

She just glared at Celine and accepted the money. Moments later, a familiar woman came in and approached her.

Woman: Have you seen Andrew? I've been looking for him for hours.

Tiningnan ni Lyssa ng mabuti ang babaeng nasa harap nya. Immediately she recognized.

Lyssa: Oh! You're his wife aren't you? Bakit sakin mo tinatanong kung nasaan sya?

Woman: Oh, I don't know? Maybe because lately he's always been with you.

Lyssa: Excuse me? Hindi ako hanapan ng nawawalang kalabaw and besides, hindi ko sya pinipilit na sumama sakin at puntahan ako all the time. Ikaw ang asawa diba? More than anyone else you should know kung saan sya nagsususuot! Alam mo nga na parati syang andito at sumasama samin ni Celine.

Woman: Oh I see what's going on here. You like him don't you?

Lyssa: Don't be stupid! He's married to you! I would never.

Celine approached them

Celine: Inaano ka ba nitong babaeng 'to? Upakan ko ba?

Lyssa: I can handle this Celine.

Woman: Look, like there's no need for that!

Celine: No need no need, che!

Woman: Just admit it Lyssa, you do like him!

Lyssa: How the hell did you know my name?

Woman: Duh! He keeps talking about you.

Celine: Ugh this is gross. It's like they're in an open relationship at normal lang sa kanila magkaron ng kabet ang isa't isa and they even talk about it.

Woman: Well, let's start over. I didn't mean to be rude the first time we met and today. This is just naturally me. Second, I am not Andrew's wife. The name's Clarissa, but everyone calls me Sha. I am Andrew's sister.

Nagulantang ang dalawa. They didn't see that coming.

Celine: Sister? Eh bakit unang pakilala mo samin asawa ka nya? Sabi mo pa nga "I'm his wife"? Chosera!

Clarissa: That's the only way I could steal him from you because we were in a hurry that time!

Lyssa: In a hurry for what?

Clarissa: An operation.

Celine: Ay, doctor kayo?

Clarissa: No. I mean buy bust operation.

Celine: Ayyyy police woman pala. Sorry naman.

Lyssa: Eh bakit hindi man lang itinanggi ni Andrew sakin and he didn't even tell me days after?

Clarissa: Duh! Buy bust means we were also undercover. We can't just tell anyone about our real identities. Hindi natin alam kung sino sinong mga kasabwat ng mga sindikato sa paligid. So we can't just trust anyone.

Celine: You can't trust anyone pero sama ng sama samin si Andrew? Ano yun suspect din kami?

Clarissa: Again duh! Isn't it obvious? Andrew likes Lyssa. No, I mean he's in love with Lyssa.

Celine: Oh, Em, Gee! Narinig mo yun teng?

Lyssa: Eh bakit ngayon sinasabi mo samin 'to?

Clarissa: Because the case is over. There's no need for us to hide our identities.

Celine: Kung ganun, this is something we should definitely celebrate Lyssa.

Lyssa: Oh sya! Lahat kayo jan na kumakain libre na yang mga bill nyo!

One customer complained

Customer: Eh pano ako? Nagbayad na ako eh?!

Lyssa: Aba'y kasalanan mo! Excited ka masyado magbayad!

Customer: Sus! Maka alis na nga!

Lyssa: So sister Sha, sorry sa inasal ko kanina.

Clarissa: ayos na yun. But you really don't know where he is?

Celine: Hindi eh. Hindi na nga namin nirereplyan mga text nya kase akala nga namin mag asawa kayo.

Clarissa: *sigh* Okay well then I gotta get moving.

Lyssa: Thanks Sha for telling me. Hindi mo lang alam.

Clarissa: No worries. One more thing, pag nag text or tumawag sya sa inyo, please let me know. Here's my number.

Lyssa: Okay bye! Thanks again.

Clarissa left and the girls decided to close the restaurant early.

Celine: Mas masaya siguro kung double celebration tayo ngayon, which means we should go to Gab's birthday party.

Lyssa: Good plan! Let's go girl.

Sabay soot ng sun glasses at hubad ng apron. They were in sync. Nakabihis na pala sila underneath. They walked outside and are headed towards our apartment to join us.


At James' car.

As James was driving Cherry was just silently seated. They didn't even spoke one word to each other. Few minutes later he pulled over and they were in front of Red Ribbon. Cherry got confused so she asked:

Cherry: Why exactly are we here?

James: well it's your friend's birthday right? We can't just go without a present. At least a cake would do.

She just watched him as he came out of the car, took the cake and then went back in. Before he could start the engine Cherry stopped him.

Cherry: You said you wanted to talk.

James: I did. But I tried it so many times before but it didn't work right? So I'm just trying another strategy by just doing things.

Cherry: By buying a cake for my friend?

James chuckled

James: haha you really didn't notice, did you? Look behind you.

When she looked at the back of the car, there was a bouquet of flowers, a lifesize teddy bear, chocolates, a golden jewelry set and a sign saying "I'm sorry baby, please forgive me".

Cherry: You think you're gonna win me over with that?

James: *sigh* Well if that doesn't work, I'm gonna keep trying and do something different. I'm not giving up.

They fell silent for awhile and then James started the engine and as he did he spoke again:

James: I just hope it doesn't come to the part where I have to jump off a building and die just to have you back.

Na touch si Cherry sa sinabi ni James and she cried.

Cherry: You stupid guy! How could you get me back when you're dead? That would mean I'm going to lose you for good and I couldn't even do anything to get you back!

He looked at Cherry who's now crying, looking back at him then he asked:

James: Oh, does this mean, bati na tayo?

She just nodded. Then James suddenly pulled over the side of the road and hugged her.

James: I love you baby.

Cherry: I love you too.

They kissed and then James started the car again and they were headed to our apartment to join us too.


Magkasunod na dumating sila Celine and James and they all greeted Gab. The rest were singing karaoke and still eating while me and Rocel were already drinking shots of tequila. Lumapit samin si Cherry.

Cherry: So kayo kayo lang talaga ang mag iinom jan? You didn't even invite everyone else?

Rocel: Thought you couldn't make it. Come join us!

Celine: Oh no girl! She's not the only one joining! Everyone simulan na ang tagay at hindi ito children's party!

So just like that, nag iinuman na kami lahat. Some were drinking whiskey, beer and some of the girls and me, are drinking tequila. Conversation got more personal.

Harold: Hee hee hee so Gab, how does it feel that two of your ex is with you in your birthday?

Napatingin kami lahat sa kanya.

Rocel: Gosh Harold... You're doing it again. You really don't know how to keep your mouth shut?

Grace: I'm so sorry guys he's a bit drunk now.

I can feel the awkward atmosphere between me, Audrey, Sarah and Gab. After that tahimik kaming tatlo because Audrey doesn't really care. Then maybe the booze already got to Sarah so she asked

Sarah: Sorry po guys. Just wanted to know, Audrey is Gab's ex right, and is the other one actually... *shy tone* Akhi?

Tameme lang sila lahat. It was like nobody wanted to answer. I don't know what's gotten into me that I said:

Akhi: Ha? Don't be ridiculous Sarah. I am just Gab's roommate.

Then suddenly I pulled Celine.

Akhi: Celine is Gab's other ex.

Siguro lasing narin ako kaya ko nagawa yon. I can tell by Gab's facial expression that he was shocked and so was Celine but she played the role and said:

Celine: Yeah! I am his ex. Pero don't worry about it Sarah we just dated for a month and it was just for fun. We had a deadline. It was like experimental. Trying to know how much I can lie to myself.

As she said that, she looked at me. As if pinatatamaan nya ako. Gab laughed in disappointment and said:

Gab: Oh yeah right. Is that how the story went? Wait, didn't you actually cheat on me and then I caught you redhanded? By that time I was really sick and you took that as an opportunity. You even used your bestfriend as an excuse. Oh yeah that's how I remember it.

He was looking at me while he was saying those things. Everything was getting more and more awkward. Then Audrey shook her head in disapproval. Then she spoke:

Audrey: you guys wanna make this night so awkward for yourselves? Well I don't wanna be a part of it. Happy Birthday Gab and thanks for having me. I'm outta here. Bye losers.

She took her handbag then quickly headed for the door and left.

Grace: I guess it's already getting late so Happy birthday Gab and nice meeting you. Uuwi narin ako.

Sinamahan sya ni Harold papalabas.

The rest followed them at bumati kay Gab and then left the house. I sighed and said

Akhi: Well Sarah, please excuse me and Rocel. Magliligpit na muna kami.

Sarah: Akhi...

Akhi: What is it?

Sarah: I'm sorry. I think I'm already drunk.

Akhi: It's okay Sarah. Everyone get's a little crazy when they're drunk.

To reassure Sarah that everything is okay I pulled out a silly face and act like a drunken guy walking so she wouldn't worry. But in reality, everything is messed up. I added a remark:

Akhi: But you know it's a little different when you get drunk and drugged. You actually act against your will. You can get raped and you wouldn't even be able to act up against it. So be careful Sarah. People misunderstand when they're blinded by anger.

I quickly turned my back at nagsimulang magligpit. I deliberately said that to defend myself. Because the cheating part wasn't intentional. I was also a victim. He's just too angry to accept it.

Nauna na ako sa kwarto namin ni Gab. About an hour later he came in. He approached me and with an angry tone he asked me

Gab: What are you trying to prove huh?!!

Akhi: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Gab: F*ck! Akhi! You're messing with my head!

Akhi: Oh I'm so sorry! It's not my fault that you won't listen to reasoning!

Gab: F*ck you're excuses! You want cock that much?! Here take this!

He violently pulled my head up and burried my face into his crotch. I felt like a slut. I can tell he's very drunk. I summoned all my force and pushed him away.

Akhi: Gago ka! Leave me alone!

Then I cried real hard. He sat down and was crying out loud too. I can hear him punch the ground many times. Nakatulog ako from crying and so did he pero nasa sahig sya in the middle of the room...

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