Confused in Love Three (Part 10)

By: Akhi Ryu Go

Broken Family

Pumunta si Gab sa dating bahay nila in Patriot Heights 45 minutes ride mula sa bahay. He still have the keys. As he entered, Hinang hina na sya and he's so tired from crying. Nilalagnat parin sya. Every now and then may nagme-maintain ng bahay nila kaya malinis parin ito. He went to his old room and laid down. He's heart is so weary from trying to understand what was going on. He cried himself to sleep.

*At home*

I woke up late today. Didn't even bother to get up, change and go to work. Namumugto ang mga mata ko dahil sa pag iiyak na ginawa ko since last night. Everytime I look at Gab's side of the room, I remember him and what has happened last night. I begin to cry again. I can't believe that I lost him for good. It hurts so much that I don't even want to go on anymore.

The room is still messed up and there are broken pieces of glass mula sa picture frame. I wiped my tears and got up then lumapit ako papunta sa higaan nya. I saw some blood stains and also on the wall. I guess that was from his hands because I saw they were bleeding. I lay down and imagine he's still here with me. Once again I cry remembering he's still sick but because of what he witnessed, he's in this situation.

I blame myself for lying to him about meeting up with Aaron. If I had been honest baka sakali binigyan pa nya ako ng pagkakataon na mag explain at masabi sa kanya what really happened. Baka naayos pa namin. Paano pa sya maniniwala sakin kung mismong pagpunta ko sa bestfriend ko ang ginawa kong kasinungalingan at excuse? I hug his pillow tight and buried my face into it. Suddenly, Rocel knocked.

Rocel: Akhi, can I come in?

Akhi: Ross, can I just have a moment alone please?

Rocel: *sigh* Alright Akhi. Just so you know, andito lang ako if you need someone to talk to.

I didn't answer anymore and I began crying again.


Nabalitaan ni Cherry ang mga nangyari then she decided to go to the restaurant to confront Aaron. Pagpasok na pagpasok nya, she rushed towards the office at hindi sya nagpapigil sa mga staff ni Aaron. She opened the door and find him doing some paper work. Nakita sya ni Aaron so he stood up and went to the front of his desk.

Aaron: Let me guess, you're here because you knew what happened last night?

At walang sabi sabi nagmamadaling lumapit si Cherry at sinampal ng malakas si Aaron.

Cherry: You sick bastard!

Hinawakan ni Aaron ang pisngi nya to ease the stinging pain.

Aaron: This isn't just my fault. Akhi agreed to this.

Cherry: Bullsh*t! I know my friend! Hinding hindi nya magagawa ang ganitong bagay!

Aaron: Well I guess that means you knew him wrong.

Cherry: F*ck you! You desperate maniac!

Aaron: Be careful what you say lady. You're still in my premises and I don't care if you're a woman. Papatulan kita kung kinakailangan.

Cherry: Haha *sarcastic laugh* mga bakla nga naman.

Aaron: Before you give me that insult remember that your so called "friend" is just like me.

Cherry: No. he's nothing like you! He's not as desperate, as evil, as stupid and as sneaky as you!

Aaron: Get out of my office, and my restaurant.

Cherry: Haha. You'll never have him. You don't even deserve to be with anyone. You deserve to be alone!

Aaron: I said get out!!!

Cherry: No! You need to hear what kind of a sh*t person you are!

Sa inis ni Aaron kinaladkad nya si Cherry papalabas ng office at papalabas ng restaurant.

Cherry: Ouch! Let go of me!

Tinulak nya si Cherry at nadapa ito papalabas ng restaurant.

Aaron: Never ever come back to this place again! You hear me?!

She stood up and glared at him and she summoned all her patience para pigilan ang sarili nyang sigurin ulit si Aaron.

Cherry: We're not done Aaron!

Dinuro nya si Aaron then she picked up her bag na nahulog kanina sa pagtulak sa kanya then she walked away and hailed a taxi. Nang makaalis si Cherry kinausap ni Aaron ang guard at mga wait staff na naki usyoso.

Aaron: Wag na wag nyo nang papapasukin ang babaeng iyon dito maliwanag ba?!

Tumango lang silang lahat and they continued whatever they were doing.

In the taxi on the way home, Cherry is calling Mr. Dawan

Cherry: *on the phone* Hello? Mr. Dawan good day to you.

Gerard: Oh Cherry is it? How may I help you?

May hininging favor si Cherry. Since Mr. Dawan is very grateful about what she has done in the past for Audrey he was willing to help her with anything.

Gerard: Sure! Anything for you.

Cherry: Thank you so much Mr. Dawan. I owe you one.

Gerard: Oh please, this is nothing. Considering what you've done for me, this is the least I could do to repay you.

Cherry: Again thank you.

Gerard: Okay I'll call you just as soon as it's done.

Then she hung up.

Cherry: You mess up with me and my friends and you'll be screwed Aaron.


At home Rocel was just sitting at the sofa having coffee. Iniisip nya ang mga kaganapan kagabi at di sya makapaniwala. Suddenly, lumapit si Harold at tumabi sa kanya. As he sat beside her, he wiped his face down with both hands, sighed and then spoke

Harold: Are you okay?

Rocel: *sigh* you know very well that all of us here in this house are away from our families right?

Harold: Of course.

Rocel: So para hindi tayo ma homesick, we comfort each other and treat each other as a family.

Harold: Well I consider all of us as family. The closest thing to it.

Rocel: Then you know that it hurts.


Rocel: Nasisira na ang pamilya natin...

Harold: *sigh*

Rocel: Before, ang saya saya natin dito. Nakakastress man paminsan sa trabaho and all that sh*t out there in the world pero everytime I come home I find peace and I am happy because you're all here. It was nice, it was just like home.

Harold: Yeah. *smiles* I remember that time na birthday mo just last year, we gave you a surprise party.

Rocel: Yeah and there were lots of food and drinks at may tatlong cakes. One from Akhi, Gideon and Gab. Pero sa'yo wala. Hahaha

Harold: Hahaha you must have forgotten kung anong ginawa namin sa cake na binili ko.

Rocel: Oo nga pala. Salbahe talaga kayo. Without any warning isinampal nyo sa mukha ko yung cake.

Harold: Haha and then you were chasing me like crazy!

Rocel: At nung nahuli kita gulpi sarado ka!

Harold: I did say I'm sorry. Hahaha napaka KJ mo naman kase.

They both sighed at nanahimik nalang for a while.

Rocel: I miss us being like that.

Harold: Me too.

Rocel: Kailan kaya magiging okay ulit ang lahat? Is it ever gonna be the same again?

Harold saw that Rocel was about to cry so he put his shoulder over Rocel's and rubbed it as he pulled her in then she started crying.


Gab woke up and he's shivering so much. He's feeling dizzy and nauseous. Dinagdagan pa ng bigat sa dibdib na nararamdaman nya. He clutch his head then he decided to call Audrey.


Audrey: Hello Gab? What is it?

Gab: Audrey I'm sorry kung naistorbo kita but I need you to come here.

Audrey: Why? Something went wrong? Where's Akhi?

Gab: *sigh*

Audrey: I won't ask anymore. Clearly something went wrong and you don't wanna talk about it.

Gab: I'm in Patriot Heights. Sa dati naming bahay.

Audrey: Okay I'll be there in an hour. Kailangan ko pa kase ihanda yung baon ng dalawa kong kapatid.

Gab: Thanks Audrey and on the way, can you please buy me some medicine?

Audrey: Alright. Standby ka lang muna diyan.

Gab: Thanks again. Bye.

Gab went back to sleep still shivering and feeling cold.

An hour later dumating si Audrey then she knocked.

Audrey: Gab? I'm here. Open up!

Nag doorbell sya pero it wasn't working.

Audrey: Well if he's alone and his sick I guess I can just come in so long as the door is unlocked.

Pagpasok nya, nakita nya mga maleta ni Gab sa sala. She went straight to Gab's room and found him there shivering.

Audrey: Gosh! Gab matindi ang lagnat mo!

Gab: A-audrey... Thanks for c-coming. brrrrr...

Kumuha si Audrey ng towel at maliit na batyang may tubig at pinunasan si Gab. Pinainom nya ito ng gamot. Binihisan nya si Gab then she went out of the room for a while. She took her phone out then dialed Rocel's number.


Rocel: Oh? Anong kailangan mo?

Audrey: I need to speak to Akhi please.

Rocel: Why bother me when you can just directly call him?

Audrey: Rocel, I don't have time for this. Can you please just give the phone to Akhi? I don't have his number.

Rocel: What do you want from him? Why do I have to do what you ask?

Audrey: Seriously Rocel this is important and you need to stop being a bitch because this matter concerns him! It's about Gab.

Rocel: Okay chill! Pupunta na ako sa kwarto nya.

She went to my room and called for me

Rocel: Akhi! Audrey says she wants to speak to you...

I did not reply

Rocel: She said it's about Gab.

When I heard that, I went out of his bed and with a heavy heart, slowly headed for the door. I sighed then opened it. Rocel gave me a concerned look then handed me her phone.

Akhi: Hello? Audrey?

Audrey: Akhi, I don't know what happened between you and Gab but right now, you have to come here. It's an emergency. Andito ako kasama si Gab sa lumang bahay nila in Patriot Heights. Please pumunta ka.

Akhi: .... Okay. I'll be there.

Then I hung up.

Rocel: Anung sabi nya?

Akhi: She asked me to go to Gab's old house in Patriot Heights. She's with Gab.

Rocel: Well are you coming?

Akhi: She said it's an emergency so I guess I am.

I looked down and sighed. Then Rocel patted my shoulder.

Rocel: I'm coming with you.

Akhi: You don't have to.

Rocel: Well I will. First of all I know where Patriot Heights is and ayokong awayin ka pa nang babaeng yon lalo na sa kalagayan mo ngayon.

Akhi: I don't think she's gonna do that to me.

Rocel: Nako! We're not gonna argue about this. I'm coming weather you like it or not.

I looked at her for a moment and I see that she's determined. So I just agreed. I got changed and then we were on our way.


When we arrived, we saw Audrey just by the front door. It's been six months and her bump is so much more visible now. We entered the gate at lumapit kami sa kanya.

Audrey: I won't pretend to be your friend. Let's just say I am concerned considering na may kasalanan ako sa'yo noon.

Akhi: I appreciate your concern Audrey.

Rocel just rolled her eyes.

Audrey: Anyway, Gab is up stairs in his room. The first one near the stairs. Puntahan mo sya please. Inaapoy sya ng lagnat. Okay lang naman sakin na alagaan sya but right now I've got so much on my hands and I don't have much time lalo na't pasukan nanaman ng mga kapatid ko.

Akhi: Anyway thank you for taking care of him kahit saglit lang.

Then I went inside. Just when Rocel was about to enter pinigilan sya ni Audrey.

Audrey: Excuse me? Where do you think you're going?

Rocel: Malamang, Inside! Alangan namang outside diba?!

Audrey: I think that would be inappropriate. I didn't ask you to come.

Rocel: You didn't have to. I was worried about Akhi lalo na't ikaw ang nagpapunta sa kanya. He's been to so much since last night and I can't let you make things worse for him.

Audrey: Things would only get worse kung sasama ka pa sa loob.

Rocel: And why is that?!

Audrey: Gosh Rocel utak naman. You want them to fix things between them right? Ang magandang gawin ngayon, let Akhi take care of the sick patient and when he wakes up they're gonna have time to talk to each other at kung nandoon ka hindi sila magkakaroon ng pagkakataong mapag-isa at makapag-usap. They should talk alone, in private.

Natahimik si Rocel at parang namangha nalang kay Audrey then after a while

Rocel: I guess you're right. I didn't know kahit papano matino karin pala mag-isip.

Audrey: Clearly that was meant to be an insult but I'll just take it as a compliment.

Then Audrey walked pass her and out to the gate. Lumingon ulit si Audrey kay Rocel na nakaharap parin sa front door. She rolled her eyes then called her.

Audrey: Hey Rocel! Hello?! Didn't we agree to leave them alone? Aren't you coming?

Napalingon si Rocel and said

Rocel: You're not asking me to tag along aren't you?

Audrey: God no! I was just making sure you leave those two alone.

At lumabas narin si Rocel then they closed the gate and they went their own separate ways.

Pumunta si Gab sa dating bahay nila in Patriot Heights 45 minutes ride mula sa bahay. He still have the keys.

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