Of Fame, Famine and Desire

By: Khail

So I found this guy a couple of weeks later on Facebook in attempt to divert my attention from the break up with my girlfriend. Say the relationship I had with her work out but she left in a sudden without closure. It was summer and it didn't end well.

I'm your typical pogi that makes your head turn kung walang mas poging dadaan. I found fame in the local Facebook community with girls and bakla alike lining up for a fansign. But I'm no other but a normie at school. A number adore me but people close to me know better I'm not the most masculine on the list. I'm prone to 'lalake ka ba o hinde?' confrontation.

See, I'm your average tall but skinny totoy who flood my wall with selfies. I enjoy every bit of my found fame from famewhoring; like for like, follow for follow, sabit sa list, fansign and the likes. By the way, I'm from Mindanao and I'm much comfortable sharing this in English than in Tagalog (cringy eh)

Together with three other famous personalities from the different municipality, we live in the province, we created this boy group that reeks of self-worth and praise. But note that I was the only famewhore inside and the rest of them were purely known and praised for their looks and brain. I succeeded getting to their level with the group I founded, and neither of us met and know each other beyond the screen.

Personal messages and request came nonstop. I open Facebook every morning, lunch break, and the evening and my notification are always blown up with 99+ every check. And there came this guy who I presumed idolize us in a way and is, too, famous in their area and had the looks. Minimum likes of 200+ in a single 'Good morning' post and this is 2012; you get the picture.

A perfect member, I sparked a conversation trying to talk him into becoming part of the group. He signed up and I'm sure only one of us out five is true blooded.

Then came those personal interest that conflict everything. Confused with my orientation, I entertained all of his suggestive replies. Basically, we're flirting.

He became my confidant and knew even my deepest secret: sexual escapade with guys. Being out was never a problem as he lives far south and I knew chances of mutual friends is zero. Then came on the endless chats, text, and calls. We often found ourselves doing video chats on late night. My mom would often find me awake when she gets up in the morning.

We teased each other on the screen and sex chat all the time. Until we took the exchange to the next level. It started with trade of nude pics until he pursued me into showing my cock on screen and he'd do same. I was hesitant for the sole reason mine wasn't much of size and I knew the average size of the boys I handled. This was before I learned what versatile is. I see myself with a vagina and act like one on the bed so the other end should be dominant and that request came like 'bro are u gay, too?'

Funny, it is, but that's the younger me who think gay means bottom equals boy sucking other boys and boys getting drilled. That aside, I complied and the coming days was no other than

'I wish you were here'

'Be my first'

'I wanna feel you inside of me'

'Lick my ass'

'Suck my cock'

'Can't wait to meet you in person'

'See you in college'

in vernacular. I would skip classes so does he in the afternoon so we'd catch up thru video calls and talk and tease and even perform on screen for each other's satisfaction. One time, my mama came home earlier than expected and found me fapping below the sheets and he was on the other line. Lights off and was in a headphone, I didn't realize her presence until she stands next to the screen where he was performing on the other side. She had a clue but believe it was porn, not live.

The chatting continued until I reach the 4th year. It was sem break. He was home for vacay. We both agreed to see each other in another town and me, old and responsible enough to get mama's trust, got my consent and went on my way.

To be continued

So I found this guy a couple of weeks later on Facebook in attempt to divert my attention from the break up with my girlfriend.

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